Step 1: Go to SYSTEM, then click on Integration.

Step 2: Click on Authenticate.

Step 3: Enter your Email address and Password, then click on Login.

Step 4: Click on Allow access.

Step 5: Select your Sales Account Code for Sales Revenue.

Step 6: Select your Sales Account Code for Shipping Revenue.

Step 7: Select your Exempt Tax Rate Code for tax exempted products.

Step 8: Select your Sales Tax Rate Code for Tax on Income.

Step 9: Enable/Disable Configure Product Mapping.

ENABLED – A new Item in Xero will be created if a line item/product does not exist or match in Xero.

DISABLED – Any line item/product that does not exist or match in Xero will not be created as a new Item.

Step 10: Click on Save to save settings.

Notification appears once Xero has been successfully integrated.

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