Multiple Warehouses

Multiple warehouses can be created with Bin Locations within each warehouse. Supplier can assign Customers and Products to Warehouses and monitor the stock levels of each warehouse.

Create New Warehouse

Step 1
Go to SYSTEM, then click on Warehouses.
Click on Create Warehouse.

Step 2: Enter Warehouse Code and Warehouse Name as required under General tab.

Step 3: Enter the address details, then click on Save.

Notification appears once Warehouse has been saved.

Default Warehouse

Select the Warehouse, then click on its corresponding Default button to set it as the default warehouse.

Assign Default Warehouse to a Customer

Go to CUSTOMERS, then click on Manage Customers.
Under General tab, click on Default Warehouse dropdown and select the warehouse for the Customer.

Assign Multiple Default Warehouses to a Customer

OrderTron Support must be informed if you need to enable Multiple Warehouses for your Customers. Once this is enabled, selecting more than one warehouse will be allowed on the Customer’s account.

Order Processing for Another Warehouse

Customer’s Default Warehouse is Primary Warehouse.

Warehouse can be changed when processing an order.

Update the Quantity for Batch | Bin allocation, then save once done.

Product Inventory for the Warehouse has been updated.

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