A product appears with TBA on submitted orders if the product has a different Billing Unit from its Order Unit. This is mostly used by Meat and Vegetable Suppliers where they would be selling products by piece or each, an example is a piece of broccoli (Order Unit) but billed by kilogram (Billing Unit) which the supplier weighs and enters while processing the order.

Billing Unit and Order Unit can be updated on Edit Product page where you can select from its respective dropdown.

You can simply click on Order Unit checkbox if the Order Unit is the same as its Billing Unit.

How Process an Order with TBA Product

Step 1: Click on Process button to update the order.

Step 2: Once order is in Processing status, click on Edit button.

Step 3: Go to Products tab. Select the product with TBA as its Billing Qty, then click on TBA.

Step 4: Enter its Billing Qty.

Entered value is automatically saved. You can still change it by clicking on the value again.
TBA on the Applied Price, Product Total, Sub-Total and Total Amount will be updated accordingly.
Continue processing the order as needed.

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