Step 1
Go to STOCK CONTROL, then click on Stock Transfers.
Click on Create Transfer.

Step 2
Select the Source Warehouse, Destination Warehouse and Product from its respective dropdown.
Enter Quantity as required.
Value is based on the latest Cost Price or average of the product from multiple Suppliers which can be updated.
Click on Add.

Step 3
Click on Batch | Bin value.
Enter Quantity.
Select or add its New Bin Location.

Step 4: Click on Save / Save & Close as Draft or Save / Save & Close as Completed.

Save / Save & Close as Draft

Stock Transfer saved as Draft can still be updated and deleted by clicking on its Edit and Delete button respectively.

Save / Save & Close as Completed

Stock Transfer saved as Completed can only be viewed by clicking on its View button.

Sample below shows that Stock Transfer has been moved from one warehouse to another.

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