Step 1: Go to SYSTEM, then click on Import/Export.

Step 2: Go to Customers/Shipping Import tab, then click on Download Template.

Step 3: Open the downloaded CSV file.

Step 4: Complete the Customer Template. Make sure to delete the sample row.

Below are the mandatory fields:

  • Business Name
  • Account Email
  • Email Invoices To (This must be unique.)
  • Contact Name
  • Address 1
  • City/Suburb
  • State
  • Country

Step 5: Save the completed Customer Account Template as CSV file.

Step 6: Click on Choose File to select the updated Customer Template.

Visible All Products
Click here for the steps on how to upload Customer data with selected product visibility.

Step 7
Option 1: Click Upload button to simply upload your Customer Template without sending email invite to customers.
Option 2: Click Upload and Send Customer Invite button to upload your Customer Template and send email invite to your customers at the same time.

Notification appears once template has been uploaded.

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