Forgot Password

Click here for the steps on how Customers can reset their password.

Resend Forgot Password Reset Instructions Email

Supplier can easily resend Forgot Password Reset Instructions to Customer or to Supplier’s Admin Email to change the password.

Step 1
Go to CUSTOMERS, then click on Manage Customers.
Select the customer, then click on its Edit button.

Step 2: Click on To Customer to send email to Customer’s Account Email or To Supplier Admin to send to Supplier’s Admin Email.

Confirmation message appears once email has been sent. Click on OK to continue.

Step 3: Click here to proceed with changing the password.

Step 4: Enter the new password on both New and Confirm Password fields, then click on Submit.

Notification appears once password has been updated. Click on Login.

Enter Username and new Password, then click on Submit.

You are now logged in as the Customer.

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