Step 1: Go to SALES, then click on Recurring Orders.

Step 2: Click on* Create Recurring Order*.

Step 3: Click on Customer dropdown to select Customer Business Name.

Step 4: Click on Next.

Step 5: Select the Product, then enter the Order Quantity.

Step 6: Click on Product Note button to add notes for the selected product if needed, then click on Add to Order.

Step 7: Notification appears once product has been added to cart.
Click on Proceed to Verify Order to continue.

Step 8: Click on Next.

Step 9: Complete the Recurring Order Details.

Step 10
Scroll down and complete Delivery Details.
Click on Select button to choose Payment Method.

Step 11

Existing Credit Card

Select the Credit Card by clicking on its corresponding radio button, then click on Apply.

New Credit Card

Click on Add Card.

Enter credit card details, then click on Submit.

Notification appears once new credit card has been added. Select the credit card, then click on Apply.

Step 12
Selected Payment Method will appear.
Click on Save.

Notification will appear once recurring order has been created.

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