Below are the steps on how Supplier can create a new Customer account.

STEP 1: Go to CUSTOMERS, then click on Manage Customers.

STEP 2: Click on Create Customer.

STEP 3: Enter Customer account information on the following:

General Tab

  • Account Email must be unique for each Customer account.
  • Business Name
  • Business Number
  • Customer Group
  • Standing Customer Notes appears as Internal Notes on Picking Slips.
  • Email Invoices To field is where you can enter email IDs intended to receive invoices.
  • Status can be Active and Disabled. Use Active to allow Customer access. Once Disabled, Customer will not be able to login.

Contact Information Tab

  • Name
  • Position
  • Email
  • Telephone

Billing & Shipping Address Tab

Add Another Address allows Supplier to enter additional address which can be set as default shipping or billing address.
If Send invoice to this shipping email address is enabled, it replaces the Email Invoices To email IDs when orders are placed to the specific shipping address.

Settings Tab

  • Time Zone of the Supplier will be the default Time Zone of the Customer which can be changed.
  • NOTIFICATION SETTINGPush and Email Notifications can be turned on and off by the Supplier on a Customer level. Changes made here override the Supplier’s Settings – General Settings.
  • INVOICE, SHIPPING and DELIVERY SETTINGSInvoice, Shipping and Delivery settings can be customised as per Customer’s requirement. Changes made here override the Supplier’s System – Settings.

STEP 4: Click on Save to create and save new Customer account without sending the email invite.

Save and Send to Customer creates the new Customer account and at the same time sends the email invite to the Customer’s Account Email.

Save and Send to Admin creates the new Customer account and at the same time sends the email invite to the Supplier’s Admin Email.

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