Step 1: Go to CATALOGUE, then click on Manage Products.

Step 2: Click on Create New Product.

Step 3: Enter the product data.

General Tab

  • Product Name
  • Product Code/SKU
  • Supplier Name
  • Status (Active/Disabled)
  • Taxable (Yes/No)
  • Description
  • Cost Price
  • Unit Price
  • Min Order Quantity
  • Max Order Quantity
  • Category
  • Billing Unit
  • Order Unit
  • Allow Decimal Quantity (Yes/No)

Tier Pricing Tab

Click on Add Tier Pricing.

  • Customer Group
  • Quantity
  • Price/Discount
  • Type
  • Set Default

Inventory Tab

  • Manage Inventory
  • Back Order

Manage Inventory – Yes

  • Linked Inventory
  • Show Inventory to Customer
  • Available Stock
  • Threshold Qty
  • Warehouse Name
  • Warehouse Location
  • Stock Location

Special Price Tab

Image Tab

Products By Customer Tab

By default, the product is visible to all Customers.

Tick on the checkbox, then select the Customers who can view the product.

Step 4: Click on Save or Save & Close.

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