Order Status

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Submitted Order

Supplier receives a Submitted order once Customer has placed an order successfully.

Customer can still make order changes while in Submitted status. Customer can also cancel an order if needed.

Supplier can begin processing an order once Submitted order has been received.

Processing Order

From Submitted status, Supplier changes order into Processing to process the order.

Customer can no longer make any changes from his end once order is in Processing status. However, Customer has the option to contact Supplier for any order changes and Supplier can make the changes from his end.

Completed Order

From Processing status, Supplier changes order into Completed order meaning order is now ready for delivery.

Supplier can still update the following even if order has been Completed:

Supplier Notes and Internal Notes

Applied Price, Billing Qty and Shipping

Sales Invoices Default Due Date and Invoice Date

Back Order

Order in Back Order status is created when Supplier places product(s) for Back Order which may be temporarily out of stock. Products selected for Back Order will be separated from its Processing order creating a new order number.

Cancelled Order

Both Supplier and Customer can cancel an order. These orders are tagged as Cancelled orders.

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