How to Integrate OrderTron with XERO

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1. Click on System, then click on Integration.

2. Click on Authenticate.

3. Enter your Email address and Password, then click on Login button.

4. Click on Allow access button.

Xero will take you back to OrderTron after authentication.

5. Select your Sales Account for Sales Revenue.

6. Select your Sales Account for Shipping Revenue.

7. Select your Exempt Tax Rate for tax exempted products.

8. Select your Sales Tax Rate for Tax on Income.

9. Enable/Disable Configure Product Mapping.

ENABLED A new Item in Xero will be created if a line item/product does not exist or match in Xero.

DISABLED Any line item/product that does not exist or match in Xero will not be created as a new Item.

10. Click on Save button to save settings.

Notification will appear once Xero has been successfully integrated.

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