How to import Customers

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Step 1: Go to SYSTEM.

Step 2: Click on Import/Export.

Step 3: Click on Customers/Shipping Import.

Step 4: Click on Download Template button to export Customer Import Template.

Step 5: Click on the downloaded file.

Step 6: Complete the Customer Template. Sample Customer data is provided on Row 2 as reference. Kindly make sure to overwrite or delete the sample customer data before saving the file.

Mandatory Fields: Business Name, Account Email, Contact Name, Address 1, City Suburb, State, Country and Customer Group

Save the completed Customer Template as a .csv file.

We recommend you save your completed Customer Template with the current date in the name e.g. OrderTron_Customer_List_11AUG2017.csv.

Step 7: Import the completed Customer Template by clicking on the Choose File button.

Step 8:

Option 1: Upload

This button allows you to simply upload your Customer Template WITHOUT sending email invite to customers.

Option 2: Upload and Send New A/C Email

This button allows you to upload your Customer Template. Email invite to accept and setup account will be sent to your customers at the same time.

Success notification will appear once uploaded.

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