How to create Recurring Order

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Step 1: Go to SALES, then click on Recurring Orders.

Step 2: Click on Create Recurring Order button.

Step 3: Click on Select Customer (Business Name) dropdown, then click on Customer Business Name.

Step 4: Click on Next button.

Step 5: Select the product(s), then enter order Quantity.

Step 6: Enter product notes if needed by clicking on Notes button, then click Add To Order button.

Step 7: Click on Proceed To Verify Order button.

Step 8: Create Order page allow Supplier to remove product(s) by clicking on its Delete button.

Product Note can also be updated on this page by clicking on Notes button.

If more products are still needed, simply click on Back button to return on the products list.

Clear Order button will remove all products and return to products list.

Click on Next button to proceed with the new Recurring Order.

Step 9: Enter Recurring Order Details and Delivery Details.

Step 10: Click on Save button.

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