Customer Account Import Wizard

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Step 1: Go to SYSTEM, then click on Import/Export.

Step 2: Click on Download Template button to export Customer Account Import Template (Select Open with Microsoft Excel).

Step 3: Complete the Customer Account Template, being sure to overwrite/delete the example customer date in Row 2.

Below are the mandatory details:

  • business_name
  • account_email
  • contact_name
  • add_1
  • city_suburb
  • state
  • country

Step 4: Save the completed Customer Account Template as a CSV file.

Note: We recommend you save your Completed Customer list with the current date in the name e.g. new_customer_list_27.02.2018.csv).

Step 5: Import the Completed Customer Account Template by clicking on Choose File button and selecting the saved CSV file. (when selected correctly the file name will display beside the Choose File button).

Step 6:

Option 1 – Click on Upload button to import and save your Customer Accounts List without sending an email invite to your Customers.

Option 2 – Click on Upload and Send Invite button to import and save your Customer Accounts List and send an email invite to your Customers at the same time.

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