Bulk Tier Price Update

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Bulk Tier Price Update is used to update the existing Tier Price values only. You will not be able to create or delete new tier. Hence, do not add or delete rows/columns in this template.

Step 1: Go to SYSTEM, then click on Import/Export.

Step 2: Under Bulk Price & Inventory Update tab, scroll down to Bulk Tier Price Update. Click on Export Template button to export Bulk Tier Price Template (Select Open with Microsoft Excel).


  • Product Code/SKU
  • Product Name
  • Customer Group
  • Quantity

You can edit/update the values for the following columns:

  • Discount Type (Fixed/Percentage/Percentage Markup) – Enter the corresponding Discount Type as follows: Fixed, Percentage or Percentage Markup.
  • Discount

Note: All fields are mandatory.

Step 3: Save the updated OrderTron Bulk Tier Price Template as a CSV file.

Note: We recommend you save your updated Bulk Tier Price Template with the current date as its filename; e.g. updated_bulk_tier_price_08.11.2018.csv.

Step 4: Import the updated OrderTron Bulk Tier Price Template by clicking on Choose File button and selecting the saved CSV file. (when selected correctly, the file name will display beside the Choose File button).

Step 5: Click on Upload Tier Price button to import and save your Bulk Tier Price list.

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