Bulk Inventory Update

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Step 1: Go to SYSTEM, then click on Import/Export.

Step 2: Under Bulk Price & Inventory Update tab, scroll down to Bulk Inventory Update. Click on Export Template button to export and open Product Inventory List Template. This will contain a list of all of your current inventory ON products.

Step 3: Update the Available stock as required and save the document as a CSV file.

Note: We recommend you save your updated inventory list with the current date in the name e.g. new_inventory_list_02.27.2018.csv.

Step 4: Import your updated Product Inventory List Template by clicking on Choose File button.

Step 5: Select your saved CSV file with your updated inventory. You will see the file name next to the Choose File button when selected correctly.

Click on Submit button to upload and save the new inventory.

Notification will appear once update has been successful.

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