How to add a new Recurring Order

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To add a new Recurring Order, tap on Add.

Enter Recurring Order Name.

Tap on Recurs Every field. Select occurrence, then tap Done.

Tap on the days as needed.

Tap on Order Time field. Select Order Time, then tap Done.

Select Next Order Date. Information button shows you the Next Delivery Date set by the Supplier.

Update Shipping Address if needed.

Tap on Order Notes field if applicable. Enter Notes, then tap Add button.

Enter your name on Order Placed By.

Tap on Save Recurring Order button.

Add Products

To add products, tap on Add Products button.

Search for the product or browse through the categories to add products.

Tap on the selected product.

Enter the order Quantity.

Add Product Notes if applicable, then tap Add to Order button.

Notification appears once product has been added in your Recurring Order. Tap Cancel once done adding products.

Simply tap on Add to Cart button if you want to place an order with the products selected for your Recurring Order.

Tap Back to save Recurring Order.

Newly added Recurring Order now appears on Recurring Orders screen.

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