Step 1: Tap on Recurring Orders or Recurring from the menu.

Step 2: Tap on Add.

Step 3: Enter the Recurring Order details, then tap on Save Recurring Order.

Step 4: Tap on Add Products.

Step 5: Search for the product or browse through the categories, then tap on the selected product.

Step 6: Enter the Order Quantity and Product Notes if applicable.

Step 7: Tap on Add to Order.

Notification will appear once product has been added to the recurring order. Follow the same steps to add other products.

Step 8: Tap on Cancel once done adding the products.

Step 9: Once you have reached Product Categories, tap on Cancel.

Step 10: Added products will appear on the new Recurring Order. Tap on Back to continue.

New Recurring Order will appear on Recurring Orders screen.

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