Tap on Recurring Orders or Recurring from the menu.

Select the Recurring Order to update, then tap on it.

Remove Product

To remove a product, tap on View/Edit Products.

Tap on Edit.

Tap on the Delete icon.

Tap on Delete button to continue removing the product from the Recurring Order.

Tap on Back once done with the changes.

Changes are saved once you’re back on the Recurring Orders screen.

Pause Recurring Order

To pause or stop a Recurring Order, tap on the Recurring Order and select Pause Order.

Recurring Order can also be paused via Edit Settings.

Tap on Pause.

Status will change to Paused.

Reactivate Recurring Order

To reactivate a Recurring Order, tap on the Paused Recurring Order and select Edit Settings.

Select the Next Order Date, then tap on Activate.

Recurring Order is active again.

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