Step 1: Go to ORDERS, then click on Create New Order.

Step 2: Click on Product Name/SKU dropdown to select the product from the list.

You can also enter Product Name or SKU to easily locate the product.

Step 3: Enter the quantity of your order on its Quantity field.

Product Notes

Product Notes can be added by clicking on the Notes button.

Enter your Product Notes, then click on Save Note.

Step 4: Click on Add To Cart.

Notification appears once product has been added to cart and the number of items added to cart is being updated at the same time.

Step 5: To add another product, click on Product Name/SKU dropdown.
Enter Product Name or SKU on Product Name/SKU field, then select from the list.

Remove Product

To remove a product from the order, click on its corresponding Remove button.

Clear Order

To remove all the products from the order, click on Clear Order.

Update Cart

To update ordered quantity, click on its Quantity field and change the number of your order.
Click on Update Cart to update order quantity and amount.

Step 6: To proceed with the order, click on Place Order.

Step 7: To select a different Shipping Address, click on the Shipping Address dropdown and select the Shipping Address you will use for the specific order.

Step 8
DELIVERY DATE – Select Delivery Date as required.
ORDER PLACED BY – Enter your name as the person placing the order.
ORDER NOTES – Enter your message for the order if needed.
SUBMIT ORDER – Click on Submit Order once done.

Notification will appear once your order has been submitted.

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