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Settings screen gives you access to your logged in account/s, preferences and option to reset all data.

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Accounts screen shows the account/s you have on OrderTron app.

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Add Account

To add a new account, tap on Add.

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Enter the Company Code, Username and Password.

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New account will appear on Accounts screen.

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Remove Account

To remove an account, tap on Edit.

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Select the account to be removed, then tap on its delete icon.

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Confirmation will appear. Tap on OK to continue deleting the account.

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Note: You cannot delete an account while logged in using the account for deletion. You need to login using the other account before you can continue deleting the other account.


Preferences screen allows you to view your current time zone and gives you the option to turn on/off your push and email notifications.

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If you have turned on/off your push or email notification, you need to tap on Save to save the changes.

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Reset All Data

Reset Data will sync all the data on your account. You may lose any un-submitted orders, unsaved templates or items in Cart if you reset all data.

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