How to create a Recurring Order

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Step 1: Go to ORDERS, then click on Recurring Orders.

Step 2: Click on Create Recurring Order button.

Step 3: Select the product(s) for recurring order, then enter order quantity on its Quantity field.

Product Note can be added by clicking on its Note button. Enter Product Note, then click on Save Note button.

Step 3: Click on Add To Order button.

Do the same with the rest of the products to order.

Step 4: Once done, click on Proceed to Verify Order(s) button.

Step 5: Review your order details. You can still make changes on the following:

1. Product Note
2. Order Qty
3. Remove Product
4. Add Product – Go Back to product list
5. Shipping

Click on Update Order button once done with the changes.

You can place multiple orders to different suppliers at the same time. The sample order below shows two orders for different Suppliers.

Step 6: Click on Place Order button.

Clear Order button will delete all the products on Create New Recurring Order page.

Step 7: Enter Recurring Order Name, then select the number of recurrence.

Step 8: Click on the corresponding Days, Order Time, Next Order Date and Shipping Address.

Step 9: Enter Order Notes if applicable, then click on Save button.

Notification appears and new Recurring Order has been added.

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